The Junior League of Cedar Rapids (JLCR) Scholarship Fund

The Junior League of Cedar Rapids (JLCR) Scholarship Fund is designed to help those currently within, or having recently aged out of, the foster care system afford items they need assistance financing. Items can range from sporting gear for team sports, replacement of books lost during the transition between foster homes, money for gas, or basic household items. Religiously affiliated activities will also be considered.

Each individual is eligible to request the JLCR Scholarship twice in one year (June 2015-May 2016). Funding decisions will be made within two weeks of receipt of the applications. JLCR will award up to $200.00 per individual. Larger requests due to financial hardship will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Cash will not be distributed to scholarship recipients. Scholarships will be awarded in the form of gift cards or monies will be paid directly to debtors.

Please submit proof of expenses for any requests exceeding $25.00. Additionally, any applicants requesting amounts greater than $25.00 are required to partner with a representative from Junior League within four months of receiving the scholarship to discuss how the scholarship was used and what the experience was like. If applicable, please email to schedule your follow-up meeting. Applicants failing to do so will not be considered for further awards until this initial follow-up report is completed.

JLCR Scholarship FundĀ Application