You’re interested in making a difference. You want to get involved in the community. You want to meet new people and make connections. You want to learn new things.

Does this sound like you?

The reasons women join JLCR are as incredibly diverse as our members. From high-heel wearers to tennis shoes lovers, stay-at-home moms to company leaders and owners, recent college grads to retirees, you’ll find that our members come from all walks of life with varying interests and opinions. Each woman finds a place in League and shares a common goal to make an impact in our community while further developing her own talents and capacities.

We won’t lie, it does take a commitment from you. And like anything else, you get out of League what you put into League, but we promise you’ll find the passion of our members is contagious.

Ready for it? Email for more information.

How It Works

Before diving into the deep end, new League members participate in a provisional class. You have the opportunity to learn what League is all about. The group meets once a month from September through December, becoming active members in January.

New members participate in:

  • Leadership and volunteer training
  • Hands-on work with a community project
  • Education about past League projects
  • Mentoring from current active and sustaining members
  • Building new friendships with your provisional classmate

Active Member Commitments

After participating in a provisional class, our active members need to:

  • Attend six of nine General Membership Meetings or designated alternatives (such as Board or Management Team meetings) during Junior League’s active year, which runs from August to May
  • Actively serve on one or more committees
  • Volunteer a total of 20 hours, by volunteering for fundraising events and/or supporting JLCR projects
  • Fulfill a $90 fundraising commitment through participating in JLCR fundraisers.
  • Fulfill the annual membership fee of $121.78 per year.