Gallery of Strength: Chase Family

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“Love. They’ll Never Forget It”

“If you have an opportunity, do it. It’s well worth saving them from what they could possibly face. It’s worth falling in love with the child and having them feel safe and secure and experience the feelings that love, even if it’s a short time, they’ll never forget it.” says Lisa Chase, when asked what advice she would give someone considering becoming a foster parent.

After having 5 biological children, Lisa was not expecting to have any additional children. In 2014 she was notified that her niece and nephew from Florida were removed from their home and in need of foster care. Lisa knew nothing about the children’s story or their history, but she knew that she couldn’t imagine the siblings being separated.

While she initially thought the process of bringing the children home would be quick, she soon found it would take 6 months to complete the foster care training program and go through the process with DHS. During this process she put on 25,000 miles on her car visiting the children and completing the training.

While Emma and Noah knew Lisa as “Mom” for much longer, they were adopted by Lisa in September of 2017. They are a thriving family! Gaining a wonderful mom and 5 other siblings that love them.

Lisa is grateful of the support she had during her foster care and adoption process. She considers herself lucky to have a wonderful adoption team, DHS and court workers. “Even after the adoption they are still supportive, and the children have a fantastic support network at school.” says, Lisa.

Written by: Monique Kuhns
Photo by: Angie Jungling