Surviving and Thriving: Pivoting through COVID

Like many others organizations, Junior League of Cedar Rapids is continually evaluating and adapting our practices to best serve our members and community during the coronavirus pandemic. We know that the needs we help fill in our communities don’t stop because of a pandemic, and we rise to fill those gaps for our members and our community despite the additional challenges.

We finished out the Junior League year in the spring with a virtual celebration, and have continued to offer virtual options for all meetings. Our meeting location, the Human Services Campus in downtown Cedar Rapids, was closed for several months, but has since re-opened with safety measures in place. We practice social distancing, request that members wear masks when in person, and more to help ensure safety of our members. We plan to continue to offer virtual options for all meetings at this time.

We have also adapted services including ordering catered meals for AMP meetings instead of cooking, donating funds instead of physical donations when requested, providing masks and other items for youth, and more. Our members have continually evaluated the needs of the youth and young adults that we serve, changing practices to meet those needs as they arise.

We have also changed our fundraising events and plans to safely observe social distancing guidelines and reduce risks. These events exist to fund the community projects we complete, including a housing project that helps support several young adults, so we feel strongly that we need to adapt these events to fit in the current environment. We thank the individuals and businesses who have continued their financial commitment to JLCR despite the changes. Thank you for your continued support of our mission.

As we begin the 2020-2021 Junior League year, we invite new members to join us, virtually or in person! Although it is an unprecedented year, it is also one for great growth and opportunity. Together we can “survive and thrive” with Junior League of Cedar Rapids!