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Do you remember stocking your first apartment? Perhaps a parent or friend helped you gather the essentials. For dozens of young people establishing independence after foster care, this experience looks much different.

Many times, these young people are entering their independent life without the traditional support of family, and without necessary items like bedding, kitchen supplies and more.  This can make getting an apartment and living independently even more daunting, and lead to many young people not having the basic resources they need for successful living.

We help fill this gap with the free “Apartment in a Suitcase” program. Any young person who expresses a need can pick up a suitcase (and accompanying items) to supply their first home. We have heard from case workers that the Apartment in a Suitcase can have a life-changing impact on these young people, providing them with a physical and emotional boost while they navigate the difficulties of establishing their independence without traditional support and often after adverse life experiences.

Highly requested items include kitchen knife sets, suitcases, dinnerware sets, toilet paper, paper towels, kleenexes, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, laundry detergent, queen size comforters, queen size blankets, and trash bags.