Project Provide Continues to Grow

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The Provide committee worked very hard during the 2014-2015 Junior League year to expand the way we  help our foster youth. After some brainstorming the committee decided to implement Refresher Packs. These are a small storage tote packed with some basic household cleaning items and toiletries that need replaced most often. For example they have toilet paper, dish soap, laundry soap, toothpaste and other cleaning items. We have also created a Baby Pack. This includes some basics for a young mom that may need a few things to get started: bibs, diapers, a bottle, burp clothes, pacifiers and a teething ring. We are working to determine the demand for both packs and also how many we can do each year, as well as continue our larger project with the suitcases. Originally we were working with Foundation 2 and the kids involved in AMP (Achieving Maximum Potential) and those signed up for their After Care program. Our committee reached out to Families Helping Families and Tanager Place to share the information about our program and our focus on teens. Both organizations have a need for and are very excited about the Apartment in a Suitcase. We now have three great community partners to expand our reach and help more teens! We look forward to Provide continuing to GROW!