Gallery of Strength: Lentz Family

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“Investing in All People!”

“Being a foster parent has made me a better parent and has made me more compassionate toward all people.”

When Sarah had a family member who needed help, her heart told her to get involved. She began with taking care of the family member’s children. Then became a licensed foster parent, so she could get financial assistance.

“I see how these situations can happen to anyone and not everyone has family support.” Sarah has a background in early childhood development, so she knows that what happens to children in early childhood can have a lifetime impact. “Not every day is easy, but you always learn more from the kids than they learn from you.”

Sarah stresses the importance of investing in all people! “We need to invest in the kids, but we also need to invest in the parents that become involved in the foster care system. Many times, the parents who have their kids taken away have not received the support they needed to be prepared for parenthood. Most of all we need to invest in people during early childhood. We can prevent situations where foster care must get involved.”

Written by: Monique Kuhns
Photo by: Angie Jungling