Fostering Strength 2018 – Charell Star

On May 4, 2018 the Junior League of Cedar Rapids hosted the sixth annual Fostering Strength event at the Doubletree Hotel Downtown Cedar Rapids, featuring a keynote address from Charell Star.

Charell is a journalist, online media personality, contributor and featured lifestyle expert for on-air, on-camera and online video shows and segments. She is also the founder, publisher, and writer of “Not Just a Girl in a Dress”, a highly popular lifestyle blog which shares inspiring stories and trending news that help women readers define their own versions of success.

Charell is also a former foster care youth, and knows first hand the challenges facing the foster care population. She has been passionate about partnering with organizations, advocates, and brands that provide foster youth needed services, support and encouragement over the years. Charell has been appointed to the Board of Directors of CASA NYC and City Living NYC. Both organizations cater to making sure the needs of Foster care youth are met and that their rights are protected.

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